Q. What is included in the price of my monument?

A. At Wieninger Monuments, basic lettering, and setting of the monument on a concrete foundation are included in the initial price of the monument.

Q. If I buy a monument pre-need, will the death date be included in the cost of the monument?

A. No, the cost is not included because there are too many unknown variables and expenses as time goes on.

Q. Should I get a granite stone, or a marble stone?

A. Granite is the better choice. It is a much harder stone, and will not be affected by acid rain, as marble will. Granite also comes in a wide array of colors and finishes.

Q. Is it possible to remove names and dates from stones after they have been sandblasted?

A. It can be done, but the stone would typically need to be resurfaced and repolished, which usually entails a greater expense than buying a new monument would.

Q. Can I get a plaque for my mother to match my father's Veteran's plaque?

A. Yes, we can order a bronze plaque to match the veteran's plaque.

Q. What is the difference between sandblast artwork and etching?

A. Sandblast artwork is basically line drawings sandblasted into the stone. An etching is an entirely different process that will produce very fine lines and much more detail. Etchings must be done on black, or very dark granite, whereas sandblasting can be done on any color stone.

Q. Are all the granite colors priced the same?

A. No, not all colors of granite are the same price. The cost varies depending on the color, and where the granite is quarried.

Q. If I bring in a picture of my boat can you put it on my stone?

A. Yes, custom design work is one of our specialties. Bring us your picture and we will work with you to draw up a personalized design for your monument. Whether you want a lobster boat, a lighthouse, your camp, or your pet, we'll be happy to etch your memories in stone.