Here are some examples of monument shapes, colors, designs, and artwork we have done.

Cemetery Restoration Work

Below, are some before and after shots of one of our latest cemetery restoration projects. (Photos © Katie Wieninger.) To see updates on our restoration work, follow us on Facebook.


For one of our earlier restorations, you can also visit the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society's webpage, here or here

Rudolewicz Monument

Here is a slideshow of one of our most memorable monuments, from start to finish. Our customer brought in a piece of art that her husband had carved in wood. Fred took on the task of handcarving a replica of 'the sun' in granite.

A Note From Our Customer

Tribute To An Artist


"When my late husband of 35 years passed away suddenly last year fate brought me to Milbridge and Fred Wieninger. After talking to Fred for a few minutes, I realized he was exceptional. He was an artist. After talking with my children and always with Fred, we decided on a design for our gravestone. To some, it seemed it would be impossible to do."


"When he was 21, my husband handcarved a sun from an old school desktop....That sun is the center point of our headstone. It took Fred all winter to carve that sun out of black granite. It is a mirror image of the one Joe carved out of wood."


"That is an artist."


                                  ~ Agnes Rudolewicz


Behind the Scenes of Wieninger Monuments Through the Years