Getting Started

There are many possibilities for the color, shape, and design of a monument. This means that each stone can be as unique as the individual it represents.


To get started, it helps to consider three steps.


Step 1. Choose a color of granite.

Step 2. Choose a shape for the stone.

Step 3. Decide on the lettering and design.


Granite Choices

At Wieninger Monuments, we offer countless colors of granite. Below are a few of our most popular colors.


* Please scroll over images to see their names. To view the colors enlarged, click the image. *

Size and Shape

If you can think of a shape, we can probably get it in granite. Below are just a few examples of our popular stone shapes that are fully customizable in size, color, and design.


* Scroll over shapes to see their names. Click images to view them as an enlarged slideshow.*

Lettering styles


To see more design ideas and possibilities, please visit our gallery page.